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Grant has been part of CRU's Economics team for ten years and became Group Economist in 2012.

He leads CRU’s Economics team and, working closely with colleagues in China, is responsible for the economic and end-use analysis of China, a country he has analysed for over ten years. He is a regular speaker at CRU events, including the CRU Breakfast during LME Week.

Grant was previously Head of International Industry Service at the economic consultancy Oxford Economics, an Economic Advisor for HM Treasury and an Economist for British Steel, having started his career in CRU's Steel unit in 1994.  

Grant holds a BSc in Economics from the University of Bath and an MSc in Economics and Finance from the University of Bristol. 

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A granular analysis of China’s housing market

Residential real estate is a key driver of the Chinese economic outlook and, particularly, the outlook for metals demand.

By Grant Colquhoun 07 March 2017