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Serafino joined CRU Group in 2012. At CRU, Serafino has contributed to the company's market analysis across a wide-range of commodities, where he is now editor of the iron ore Market and Long Term Outlooks.

He regularly presents to international conferences and advice clients on all aspects of the iron ore, metallurgical coal and manganese ore markets.  Serafino holds a MSc (Distinction) in Economics and Finance from the University of Durham and a first class degree in Economics from the Nottingham Business School.

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Cost deflation renders the majority of uranium mines cash positive in 2015

CRU's examination of global uranium mining costs has found that weighted average global Site Costs fell by $1 /lb in 2015, to $31 /lb. As such, 2015 marked the first year...

By Serafino Capoferri 22 March 2016