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Adrian is based in Sydney and is CRU's lead analyst of Iron Ore cost research. He has responsibility for CRU's Iron Ore Cost Model, and contributes to other cost models within the broader Steel Raw Materials team, as well as assisting in CRU's overall Iron Ore supply-side research.

Adrian joined CRU in 2011, initially to lead supply and demand research of semi-finished and finished Steel markets in the ASEAN region. In 2012, he turned his attention to costs and has worked on cost research in Steel, Thermal Coal, Metallurgical Coal and Iron Ore ever since.

Adrian studied at Imperial College London and holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree in Physics with theoretical physics.

Articles from our industry expert


The next wave of Australian pellet feed

The structural changes taking place in the Chinese steel industry will lead to increased demand for higher-quality iron ore. This will create opportunities for companies...

By Adrian Doyle 27 October 2017