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Harry joined CRU Consulting in 2015 and has worked on a variety of commodities, including Steel, Iron ore, Coal, Base metals, Fertilizers and on a number of multi-commodity projects, too.

Harry has a background in geology and mining, and works on projects across commodity groups in CRU Consulting. This has included primary research, market analysis and providing strategic advice.

Prior to joining CRU, he completed internships as a Minerals Processing Researcher at the University of Cape Town and as an Exploration Geologist with Rio Tinto on a greenfield copper exploration project in Namibia. In 2015, Harry visited multiple copper, gold and silver mines in Romania, Serbia and Bulgaria to examine geology and mining processes.

During his time at CRU, Harry has also worked at CRU's Sydney office to develop his knowledge of the Australian commodities market, with a focus on Coal and Iron ore.

Harry graduated from the Royal School of Mines, Imperial College London with an MSci in Geology in 2015.

Articles by our industry expert


Graphite electrodes: Panic over? Or worse to come?

The volatile price increases of the past 12 months have transformed graphite electrodes from an auxiliary component into a strategic raw material.

By Sarah Macnaughton, Harry Fisher, Lidan Wang & Lynn Lupori 17 September 2018   
Topics: Steel, Steelmaking Raw Materials

Case study

An export strategy for the mining equipment, technology and services sector

Topics: Aluminium Raw Materials, Coal, Copper, Ferroalloys, Lead, Nickel, Noble Alloys and Minor Metals, Precious Metals, Steelmaking Raw Materials, Tin, Uranium, Zinc