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Andrew is CRU's lead analyst of iron ore mining cost research, based in Sydney. He has responsibility for CRU's Iron Ore Cost Model and also contributes to modelling and research within the broader steel raw materials team.

Prior to joining CRU in 2018, Andrew managed global iron ore spot sales (physical and derivatives) for BHP Billiton Marketing AG in Singapore. Before moving into this role, Andrew was part of BHP’s Technical Marketing team for four years where he focussed on Value In Use (VIU) modelling and analysis of technical challenges and opportunities in the iron ore market to inform marketing strategy and resource planning.

Andrew holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering and combined Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (Hons.) and Bachelor of Commerce degrees from the University of Sydney.

Articles by our industry expert


What is the price of decarbonising blast furnaces?

The global steel industry is going to witness a transformation in terms of technology and operating practice due to decarbonisation pressure. However, this transition will...

02 February 2022   
Topics: Steel, Sustainability


Coronavirus putting pressure on iron ore prices

Topics: Covid-19, Steelmaking Raw Materials