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Ian has more than eight years’ experience both as a market analyst and consultant in the mining and metals industry. He has managed numerous consultancy assignments for companies, banks and governments, chiefly in the fields of strategy, financial transactions and legal disputes.

As part of these assignments, Ian has visited mines and industrial operations all over the world, including in South Africa, China, Australia, Canada, India and Kazakhstan. He has delivered numerous presentations to senior managers and company boards. Ian currently manages Non-ferrous commodities in the Consulting team and travels regularly to Japan and Korea as part of his business development responsibilities.

Ian was heavily involved in the development of a number of CRU’s long-term market outlook publications, designing and implementing many of the forecasting models and processes. He was editor of CRU’s Uranium Market Outlook and Mining Costs publications for several years, before handing them over to CRU’s market analysis team. In early 2016, he wrote an insight paper titled "The Silk Road Yellowcake Trade and its impact on Chinese stockpiles" which considers the impact of trade flows between Kazakhstan and China on the market for U3O8.

Ian holds a BSc in Economics from the University of Essex in the UK.

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