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Justin joined CRU in 2017 and has overall responsibility for the Aluminium Raw Materials team, covering bauxite, alumina, coal tar, pitch, petroleum coke and anodes.

Prior to CRU, Justin worked for over a decade in commodity markets, with trading, research & sales roles at leading investment banks, Macquarie, BNP Paribas and CIBC, in both London and New York. Justin has a wide range of experience in non-ferrous, ferrous and precious metals, alongside oil, gas and freight.

Justin holds a BSc in Economics and Finance and an MSc in Economics and Econometrics from Bristol University.

Articles by our industry expert


Houston, we've had a problem – US oil price goes negative

The international oil markets have been under severe pressure since the outbreak of covid-19 with the rapid destruction of crude oil and oil product demand.

By Justin Hughes & Ross Cunningham 22 April 2020   
Topics: Aluminium Raw Materials, Economics