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Ben joined CRU in October 2016. He has over twelve years' experience of working in commodity research and policy.

Ben leads CRU’s multi commodities consulting team. He has overseen a wide range of market facing macroeconomic and commodity research across energy & metals markets, including projects relating to investment strategy and portfolio management. He has also undertaken extensive analysis into, for example, the implications of clean energy transition for the mining industry, the impacts of public policies on financial performance in the commodities sector, as well as broader issues relating to the contribution of mining to economic development across countries and states.

Prior to joining CRU, Ben was a Principal Economist at BG Group responsible for leading macroeconomic and energy demand analysis, and advising on strategic upstream investment decisions. He has previously worked at the International Monetary Fund and UK Treasury on energy and commodity related (as well as more general macroeconomic and fiscal) policy and research.

Ben has an MPhil in Economics from the University of Oxford and a PhD in Economics from the University of Birmingham. He has published widely on fiscal energy, and commodity related topics in leading international journals.


RAW Talks: minerals in a low carbon future, Sept 2018

Recent speaking engagements:

Singapore metals and mining, Singapore, Sept 2019

Peru metals and mining, Lima, Sept 2019

Mining and Metals seminar, Cape Town Feb 2019

World Copper Conference, Santiago, April 2019

Scotiabank Senior Precious Metals Day, June 2018 “Political and Social Risks in Natural Resource Markets”

CRU World Copper Conference, Santiago, April 2018

International Energy Agency Workshop on Batteries for Electric Mobility, March 2018

CRU Breakfast, London October 2017

CRU Mining and Metals Seminar, Singapore, September 2017

4th Mining on Top- Africa Summit (MOTA), Frankfurt, July 2017

Junior Indaba, Johannesburg, June 2017

World Bank, Washington DC, 11 June 2018, “Technology Disruption in the Mining Sector”

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, London, 26 June 2018, “What does transition to “low carbon” economy mean for resource rich countries in Eastern European and Central Asian resource producers?”

Articles by our industry expert

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