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Kirill Kirilenko joined CRU in November 2010. He primarily covers precious metals such as Gold, Platinum and Palladium, and is an editor of Precious Metals Quarterly Industry and Market Outlooks.

Prior to CRU, Kirill worked as a Metals Analyst for GFMS, a precious metals consultancy, and for a number of other companies focusing on precious metals markets and based both in the UK and Russia, including the precious metals refiner Johnson Matthey Plc.

Kirill holds a PhD in Economics from the St. Petersburg State University for Engineering and Economics – ENGECON, Russia.


Articles from our industry expert


Lockdowns darken near-term outlook; auto industry suffers

View CRU's latest webinar focusing on the effects of the lockdown on the automotive industry. OverviewLockdowns through April for most of the world economy has led us...

By Jumana Saleheen, Neil Hawkes, George Heppel & Kirill Kirilenko   
Topics: Covid-19, Lead, Noble Alloys and Minor Metals, Precious Metals, Technology Metals


Interest rates and gold

Topic: Precious Metals