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Panos started his career in commercial roles with copper and aluminium fabricators in the early 2000s.

He joined CRU as a copper demand and wire & cable analyst in 2008 and became the lead analyst for cobalt and molybdenum in 2011. Panos moved to Rio Tinto Copper in 2015, working as an analyst and marketing executive in the molybdenum and copper by-product sales and marketing team. He rejoined CRU in 2018 becoming responsible for stainless steel market analysis and price assessment. Since December 2022, Panos has been the Head of Base Metals Demand & Markets at CRU, managing a team of experts covering the copper, zinc, lead, tin and precious metals markets. 

Articles by our industry expert

What if China terminates stainless import duties?


What if China terminates stainless import duties?

Chinese policy is increasingly shifting away from encouraging exports and domestic production to reducing carbon emissions.

08 September 2021   
Topic: Stainless Steel