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Lisa joined the Economics team in September 2015 and is responsible for coverage of the Americas. She was recruited to CRU Consulting in 1995 and has contributed to a wide variety of bespoke projects and models. 

In 2007, CRU acquired Commodity Metals Management Company which Lisa joined to provide short-term risk management tools and advice for aluminium and copper market consumers, with a focus on enhancing price forecasting models by capturing the impact of investors on the LME metals complex. 

From September 2013, she participated in a successful sales and marketing initiative focused on increasing financial market customers in New York and London. During her tenure at CRU, Lisa has spoken at a wide variety of CRU conferences and industry forums on topics including investor influence, risk and price dynamics. 

Lisa holds a Master's degree in Economics from New York University and a Bachelor's degree in Economics from Drew University.

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Spotlight feature

Clouds in the Fed’s crystal ball means dollar strength will persist

A mere six months ago, we were trying to decide how much further the Fed might raise interest rates in order to reach the so-called “neutral level”. How quickly the tide...

By Lisa Morrison 28 June 2019   
Topic: Economics


US government shutdown: implications for growth and policy

Topics: Aluminium, Copper, Steel