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Sarah joined CRU in 2012 and is a Senior Consultant in CRU Consulting’s Steel and Steel Raw Materials Desk.

She specialises in high-value steel markets and her scope of work includes competitor analysis, product benchmarking and strategy projects. Before starting her career at CRU, Sarah worked at major international pharmaceutical and agribusiness companies.

Prior to joining the Consulting team, Sarah worked in CRU’s Steel Analysis team where she managed CRU’s Steel Cost Model. During this time, she visited many BOF and EAF steel mills around the world, including North America, to perform primary technical research. In addition, she previously led CRU’s coverage of the steel metallics and long products markets.

Articles by our industry expert


Global Carbon Emissions Q&A Series

Join CRU's weekly emissions webinar series, featuring live Q&A with industry leading analysts and consultants.  Reducing emissions is among the top priorities of...

By Chris Houlden, Lavan Mahadeva, Sarah Macnaughton, Eoin Dinsmore & Matthew Watkins   
Topics: Aluminium, Aluminium Raw Materials, Emissions, Steel, Steelmaking Raw Materials

Spotlight feature

EU Steel: Why carbon matters more with Covid-19

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Graphite electrodes: Panic over? Or worse to come?

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