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Sarah Macnaughton joined CRU in January 2012 and, after editing CRU's steel metallics and long products publications, moved to the Steel costs team in 2014. 

As the lead Steel costs analyst, Sarah is responsible for CRU's Steel Cost Service, including the monthly Steel Cost Review report, and she also contributes to the Iron Ore and Metallurgical Cost Models and Iron Ore Market Outlook.

Sarah has previously worked at major international pharmaceutical and agribusiness companies.

Prior to starting at CRU, Sarah performed research at the University of Oxford where she obtained a DPhil in Chemistry. Before this, she secured a Masters in Chemistry with Economics from the University of St Andrews.

Articles by our industry expert


Graphite electrodes: Panic over? Or worse to come?

The volatile price increases of the past 12 months have transformed graphite electrodes from an auxiliary component into a strategic raw material.

By Sarah Macnaughton, Harry Fisher, Lidan Wang & Lynn Lupori 17 September 2018