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Seán joined CRU Consulting in London in 2013 and has been dedicated to Fertilizers since 2014.

As a Senior Consultant, Seán is responsible for defining and delivering bespoke consulting assignments to customers around nitrogen, phosphate and potash fertilizers and their raw material markets. In addition to independent market due diligence assignments for project financing, Seán has also delivered a number of market strategy assignments to major producers in the phosphate and potash sectors. Sean has managed extensive research in NPK and specialty fertilizer markets, and completed a year-long secondment in CRU’s Pittsburgh office in 2016.
Prior to joining CRU, Seán worked as a management consultant specialising in financial services where he engaged in projects in Risk and Operations. Seán has also previously worked in hedge fund administration. He has worked and studied in the UK, Ireland, Russia and Estonia.
Seán holds an International Masters in Economy, State and Society from University College London and Tartu University, and a BBSL in Business Studies and Russian from Trinity College, Dublin. Seán is proficient in English and Russian.

Articles by our industry expert


What does the surprise abolition of China’s potash export tariff mean for the global SOP market?

From 1st January 2019, China’s Ministry of Finance - in an unexpected policy shift - has removed all potash export tariffs with major implications for the potassium...

By Seán Mulholland & Humphrey Knight 08 January 2019