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Terece joined CRU as a Consultant in 2008. Prior to joining CRU, she worked as a Chemical and Process Engineer for 6 years in the bauxite and alumina industry in Jamaica.

She co-authors CRU periodical publications, including the Carbon Products Monitor, the Bauxite and Alumina Monitor, the Bauxite and Alumina Market Outlook, the Bauxite and Alumina Long Term Outlook and the Carbon Products Market Outlook.  Her focus in the carbon products market centres on global calcined petroleum coke developments where she follows developments and trends in consumption, production and price discovery. Terece has also performed cost modelling and analysis for primary aluminium smelting costs, alumina refining and bauxite mining costs.
BSc (Hons) Chemical and Process Engineering, University of the West Indies. She is a holder of a Postgraduate Certificate in Business Administration from the University of Leicester.

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JISCO's dependence on the third party alumina market

In July, UC Rusal reached an agreement to sell its idled 1.65M tpy Alpart alumina refinery and 4.9M tpy Alpart bauxite mine in Jamaica to the Chinese company, Jiuquan Iron...

By Terece Muir 24 August 2016