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Alexander Ordosch joined CRU in October 2018. His German language skills in combination with experience in the steel industry provide him easier access to European markets and clients.

He contributes to different steel products focusing on the European market. Alexander holds Master degrees in Economic Geology (distinction, Montanunversitaet Leoben, Austria) and Metal and Energy Finance (distinction, Imperial College London) and has experience in academic research and tungsten exploration. Moreover, he has experience and the steel industry and conducted also his Bachelor research project with a prestigious steel mill.

Articles by our industry expert


US-Turkey sanctions will overshadow 50% steel import tariff

In response to events in Syria, US President Donald Trump has announced that the US tariffs on Turkish steel imports will be restored to 50%, after they had been revised...

By Chris Bandmann & Alexander Ordosch 21 October 2019   
Topic: Steel


The twilight of British Steel?

Topics: Steel, Steelmaking Raw Materials