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Jordan joined CRU in May 2018 as an Analyst, and brings with him experience from various commercial roles in the commodities and steelmaking industries.

He is the editor of the Metallurgical Coke Market Outlook, and contributes to various publications across the Steelmaking Raw Materials division.

Jordan has an MBA from Nagoya University of Commerce and Business in Japan, and a BA in Commerce and Economics from the University of Western Australia.

Articles by our industry expert


Why Chinese steelmakers are using less scrap in their blast furnaces

Ironmakers are continuously seeking ways to increase production efficiency and reduce costs but, particularly when profitability is good, productivity is a focus area.

By Jordan Permain 10 July 2019   
Topics: Steel, Steelmaking Raw Materials


Metallurgical coke markets unmoved by trade war tariffs

Topic: Steelmaking Raw Materials