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Adina joined CRU Consulting in June 2017. She is a Consultant with Finance and Economics background.

Adina has been involved in a wide range of projects, covering commodities such as copper, steel, cobalt, aluminium, and project types such as market strategy, valuation and industry research. She also has gained consulting experience working on the impacts of economics, policy and regulation in the energy sector.

During her time at CRU, Adina has worked on projects across various regions including London, Sydney and Santiago to develop her knowledge of the regional commodities market. Adina’s recent work involves scenario analysis on substitution of steel by aluminium in automotive industry and cost benchmarking to compare the competitiveness of global mining operations. Prior to his career at CRU, Adina completed BSc in Accounting and Finance at Cass Business School, University of London. She also completed internship in the oil and gas industry. Adina is fluent in Russian, Kazakh, English and Spanish languages.

Articles by our industry expert


Whose tungsten projects will satisfy growing demand?

Tungsten is a vital ingredient used in a wide range of final products. Its special qualities in some key end-uses make it difficult to replace.

29 April 2019   
Topic: Noble Alloys and Minor Metals