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Karan is an Analyst in the Corporate Business Development team, based in London. He leads the analysis and financial modelling to support CRU’s M&A activity and works with external parties to keep track of CRU's position in the market.

In addition to driving CRU’s M&A analysis, Karan maintains intelligence on the sector’s M&A activity and partnerships, and works with external parties to provide intelligence on how CRU and its competitors are valued. Karan worked on CRU’s acquisition of Exawatt, a techno-economic energy transition research house, and following this is responsible for data integration, managing junior talent and supporting development of new subscription services.

Previously, Karan worked in CRU’s Multi-Commodity Analysis team, focussing on emissions – particularly in the steel and aluminium industries – and the power sector in key geographies, including the US and China. He has represented CRU at the SMU Steel Summit in Atlanta.

Karan joined CRU in September 2021 following his graduation from UCL, after studying Classics. Prior to this, Karan had experience at Metals Focus, a leading independent precious metals research consultancy, and at Group Sopex, a soft-commodities trading firm.