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Ippolito joined CRU’s Economics team in February 2019 and is responsible for the macroeconomic coverage of Europe and Turkey

Prior to joining CRU, Ippolito worked in banking supervision at the European Central Bank, in the division responsible for monitoring changes in the overall risk environment of the Single Supervisory Mechanism.

He holds an MSc in Economics from University College London and a BSc in Economics from Bocconi University.

Articles by our industry expert

Spotlight feature

Five features of the pandemic recovery

The economy is in the midst of a recession triggered by a health crisis. That makes this recession unusual and different.  Here we examine how this recession compares to...

By Jumana Saleheen & Ippolito Tarabini 17 August 2020   
Topics: Covid-19, Economics, Emissions


Economic Outlook: Digging our way out of Covid-19

Topics: Covid-19, Economics