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Ashley joined CRU’s Beijing office in January 2017. She has over 10 years’ experience in metals and mining engineering, market research and advisory.

As a senior consultant, she has advised clients on various types of projects including market and feasibility studies, IPO and due diligence and strategy planning. As a project manager, she had delivered numerous reports to a wide range of customers including investors, producers, engineering institutes and end-users. Her recent projects include:

  • Strategy Planning. Project Manager for overseas investment strategy planning for a leading Chinese Aluminum producer.
  • Lenders’ Market Expert. Project Manager for lenders’ market report and supporting advise for a new FeNi plant for a global bank
  • Negotiation Support. Project Manager for advising client on Value-In-Use of its Iron ore pellet products and marketability
  • M&A Market Study. Project Manager for M&A market study for a leading Chinese steel producer

Before joining CRU, Ashley was with Hatch consulting where she worked as a process engineer and an industry consultant. Ashley holds an MSc in Physical Chemistry from the University of Science and Technology of China.

Articles by our industry expert

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01 January 0001   
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China’s 2060 carbon neutral goal: What the metals industry can expect from emissions policies

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China’s net zero carbon emissions target:

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