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Ruilin Wang joined CRU in May 2015, and now is a senior China Copper Analyst.

Ruilin started with a role in the price assessment team, covering Steel, Ferroalloys, Aluminium, Lead and Zinc. Ruilin moved to the steel team to work as a China finished and semi-finished Analyst in July 2017, to serve a variety of CRU reports such as Steel Longs Market Outlook, Crude Steel Market Outlook, Metallic Market Outlook and Monitors. Ruilin joined the copper team in November 2019 and covered analysis on Chinese copper smelters and refineries.

Ruilin gained a Master’s degree in New Media at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Articles by our industry expert


Coronavirus to cause protracted disruption to transport and labour

Last week, CRU’s China offices in Shanghai and Beijing returned to work following the Chinese New Year holiday, which was extended due to the outbreak of novel coronavirus...

18 February 2020   
Topics: China, Covid-19, Economics