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Dr. Yanchen Wang, based in our London office, is a Principal Analyst in our Aluminium cost team. He joined CRU in 2006, after obtaining his doctoral degree in Engineering from China.

Yanchen is directly responsible for the development and improvement of CRU's Primary Aluminium Smelting Cost Service, the Alumina Refining Cost Model Service, the Bauxite Mining Cost Service and Aluminium Smelter Power Tariffs. He also contributes to customer reports and cost analysis for other CRU products.

Yanchen is also an expert on aluminium industry technology. He regularly attends aluminium market and technology conferences and gives presentations. Yanchen has visited more than 50 bauxite mines, alumina refineries and aluminium smelters around the world, in China, Australia, Europe, Malaysia, the Middle East and the USA.

Articles from our industry expert


Corporate bond default indicates potential financial risk in Chinese aluminium industry

As another aluminium products manufacturer defaults on its corporate bond interest payments, the trend for the aluminium industry in China continues. Companies have...

By Yanchen Wang 02 July 2018