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Rebecca Zhou joined CRU’s aluminium department in 2014. As a senior analyst, she is responsible for analysis across the aluminium value chain in China, covering bauxite, alumina, aluminium and aluminium flat rolled products market research.

She contributes to CRU’s bauxite, alumina, aluminium and aluminium rolling cost services. Since joining CRU aluminium depart, she has visited a large number of refineries, smelters and rolling plants in China and has given presentations to various industry events.

Articles from our industry expert


CRU 2021 Annual Beijing Client Offline Seminar

CRU China is delighted to announce our Annual Beijing Client Seminar (offline event) will take place on 15 December 2021. Come and join us to hear our views on ‘Prospects...

15 December 2021   
Topics: Aluminium, Copper, Lead, Precious Metals, Steel, Zinc


How quickly will China return to some normality?

Topics: Aluminium, China, Copper, Covid-19, Lead, Steel, Zinc