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CRU has been analysing fertilizer markets for over 30 years. Today our large global team offers the most comprehensive offering in the marketplace - from benchmark prices, market outlooks and cost services for all key nutrients.

Large global team
Our investment in a large global team of analysts based in the UK, Norway, China, India and the USA mean that customers can trust CRU to capture important market developments from across the world. We strive to provide customers with the best service and the closest contact - flexible, personal and responsive. Our analysts interact with customers frequently.

Comprehensive coverage
We provide comprehensive coverage of all key nutrients across our portfolio.

Primary research
CRU's fertilizer analysts have visited around 100 plants over the last few years as part of their primary research. This allows them to build very good relationships with the plant managers and engineers and to gain a thorough understand of the plant's operations, efficiencies, profit margins and where improvements can be made. The primary research is then fed into our cost reports and market outlooks and underpinned by a robust methodology. 

Ben Farey and Laima Alavociute from CRU's Fertilizer Team visiting OCP's Khouribga phosphate rock mine in Morocco in December 2015.

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Fertilizer team

  • Ben Farey | CRU Editor in Chief, Fertilizer Week

    Ben Farey

    Editor in Chief, Fertilizer Week
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