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Every day, across the planet, businesses rely on our intelligence to navigate commodity markets. We give them the analysis, prices, and deep understanding they need to thrive.


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Insight and analysis to help shape your organisation, sustain your business, and influence the future of the global mining, metals and fertilizer industries.


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Detailed macro-economic commodities insight at your fingertips from a respected independent viewpoint.


Our licensing model has been configured to provide customers with a simple range of options to meet the most common usage requirements.


Our structures, policies and working practices are designed and operated to ensure that our business follows best industry practice.


Discover how our team are fuelling commodities businesses across the planet and learn what they think makes us special.

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Inflation fears are premature

After years in which inflation has been low in major economies, financial markets are becoming increasingly concerned about high future inflation.

By Alex Tuckett & Jumana Saleheen 26 February 2021   
Topic: Economics

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