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CRU announces launch of Global Graphite Electrode Market Outlook

CRU’s Graphite Electrode Market Outlook to 2027 is available beginning 15 December 2017, providing subscribers to the service with a medium-term market analysis of the recently spotlighted graphite electrode markets.

Graphite electrodes are a key input for electric arc steel-making and ladle refinement of steel, as well as play an important role in other metals industries, and their market shortage has created huge uncertainty in the global steel industry in recent months.

Graphite electrodes are a key component of many metal producing processes. Given the state of turmoil that the market is in currently, CRU is looking to provide a comprehensive view of the market and its outlook to subscribers in its upcoming Graphite Electrode Market Outlook.

This Outlook, prepared by our industry experts, will provide some clarity in this volatile market.

Lynn Lupori CRU’s Head of Metals Consulting, North America and Project Director

Significant price escalation and material shortages have occurred due to a number of factors such as raw material supply and increased demand. Consumers have reported price escalations of 10 times usual prices, as well as changes in payment terms and overall availability of materials.

CRU’s Global Graphite Electrode Market Outlook service will outline:

  • The current market conditions for graphite electrodes and key raw material inputs (particularly needle coke)

  • An outlook for prices and availability over the next 12-24 months

  • A longer term view of price trends and supply / demand dynamics which will likely impact the market over the next 10 years

This service is produced by CRU’s team of experts in London, Pittsburgh, Mumbai and Beijing to provide an independent and detailed outlook to support industry participants in their market activity and strategic planning.

CRU is hosting a complimentary webinar, Deciphering the graphite electrode markets, on 13 December 2017 to address introductory topics surrounding graphite electrode markets. Register for the webinar here.

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