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CRU is pleased to announce the appointment of Jumana Saleheen as Chief Economist. Jumana recently joined CRU as the Head of Economics based in the London headquarters.

Jumana joins CRU from the Bank of England where she worked for more than 20 years, most recently as Head of Division in the Financial Stability Directorate. Prior to joining the Bank of England, Jumana completed a PhD in Economics from the University College of London.

As Head of the Economics Team, Jumana will serve as editor for the team’s published services: Industrial and Economic Outlook, which contains a global outlook, the Cost Macro Report, a forecast of the macroeconomic cost drivers that support CRU’s Cost Model Services, and a Long Term Demand Macro, a forecast of long-run macro economic trends which underpins our Long Term Market Outlook reports.

Today, the key events shaping the metals, mining and fertilizers industries are macroeconomic in nature, these include the trade war, oil price rises and the withdrawal of QE, to name a few. I am looking forward to helping clients interpret what the macro backdrop means for their business.

Jumana Saleheen Chief Economist