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CRU launches annual economics survey for outlook in 2019

In CRU’s Industrial and Economic Outlook, published in January 2018, the results of the annual economics survey for our customers indicated a generally optimistic view about global growth that was similar to those of CRU’s in-house Economics Team. The results were remarkably consistent across industry sectors and geographies of the participants.

The mid-year reality check, published in June 2018, proved that expectations largely confirmed the macroeconomic outcomes at that point in time. While global growth has been largely as projected, 2018 has been an eventful and unpredictable year: US trade policy created conflict and uncertainty; US GDP growth has been particularly robust, surpassing expectations; the stronger than expected US dollar has caused some emerging market currencies to fall sharply.

Looking into 2019, CRU Economics invites you to partner with us and share your views on the global economy in our annual survey. After you complete the macro views section, please take a few minutes to provide us with feedback on our monthly Industrial and Economic Outlook publication. If you have never seen this report, it includes a five-year overall economic outlook with additional focuses on prospects for industrial, construction, and automobile production. The report also considers the latest forecasts risks, the exchange rate outlook and scenario analysis. In the survey you will have the option to request a complimentary copy

The entire survey should take no more than 5 minutes to complete. The survey, with high-level results published in January 2019, is immensely valuable in helping CRU to focus on the issues that are most important to our customers and the markets we cover.

CRU appreciates your participation in the survey and we hope to work with you in 2019.

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About CRU Economics

CRU Economics provides an independent view of the global economy. Our macro forecasts feed into all our commodity market outlooks and into all our cost models, offering transparency and consistency across all the markets that CRU covers.

The Economics team and CRU focuses on “where macroeconomics meets commodities”. In other words, we aim to draw out the links between the wider economy and the sectors and countries that matter most to our clients in the metals, mining and fertilizer industry. For example, we place greater emphasis on the construction and auto sectors and on China, the largest consumer of global commodities.

Our team’s expertise in analysing the global economy, combined with the intelligence we receive from our offices around the globe, provides unparalleled depth to our understanding of how macroeconomic developments affect the commodity markets.

CRU Economics regularly engages with clients to provide personalised commentary on macroeconomics issues. We strive to make our methodologies and views as transparent as possible so that our clients view us as a trusted partner in their business.