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CRU launches the Global Steel Trade Service

Chris Houlden

Divisional Managing Director, Head of Analysis View profile

The Global Steel Trade Service is the single authoritative source of international steel and scrap prices, international trade flow analysis and market intelligence.

CRU’s Global Steel Trade Service gathers all key international prices, market and trade analysis into one coherent service. Together with providing benchmark import and export prices for finished steel and scrap, it will cut through the fast-moving and sometimes contradictory information available elsewhere to bring CRU insight to:

  • Import and export prices, including daily Chinese export prices and their drivers

  • Trade policy, barriers and their implications

  • Specific trade cases and actions worldwide

  • The impact of domestic steel industry dynamics on import and export behaviours, volumes and price

  • Steelmaking costs and their impact on export price competitiveness

This new service has been created in response to market need and leverages trusted CRU prices, proprietary CRU data, trade policy and economic analysis plus the best primary research where it counts from an international team of market analysts.

Almost every steel and scrap seller or buyer is impacted by international pricing and market dynamics. This new service from CRU will help market participants, analysts and strategy makers navigate this fast-changing environment, and so support their market planning and commercial operations.

Chris Houlden Research Manager

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Chris Houlden

Divisional Managing Director, Head of Analysis View profile