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CRU releases Copper Long Term Market Outlook to 2035

Robert Edwards

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In recent years our long-term view of the copper market has foreseen falling production at existing mines coupled with a demand boost from electric vehicles resulting in multi-million tonne per year shortfalls in supply and commensurately higher prices by the end of the next decade.

The CRU Copper Long Term Market Outlook, available in March 2019, considers whether this narrative still holds true. The report examines the future of the copper industry through 2035, to providing ongoing updates, news, and analysis necessary for developing an optimal long-term strategy in this market. Key themes for the latest Market Outlook will include:

  • 50% plus of the growth in electric vehicle-related copper demand is expected to take place in China, where demand in other sectors will begin to contract in the next decade.

  • In response to higher prices through to mid-2018, the near- and long-term project pipeline has increased significantly.

  • High capital costs particularly mean that the incentive price for new copper projects remains stubbornly high.

The increase in the number of potential mine projects over the last year is an important counterpoint to a still positive long-term demand narrative for copper.

Robert Edwards Principal Analyst

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Robert Edwards

Principal Analyst View profile