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CRU's Base Metals Cost Offerings provide the latest news and updates on the base metals industry: from nickel price forecasts and copper price forecasts, daily copper prices and future demand to the role of base metals in the path towards decarbonisation.

With the push to decarbonise creating increasing demand for certain base metals, the industry must look for more efficient and sustainable treatment processes to meet demand whilst reducing carbon emissions. Detailed insight into cost structures, operations and processes is key to being able to compare cost and emissions performance.

Learn more by downloading CRU’s Base Metals Cost Offering PDFs today.

CRU’s Base Metals Market Offerings examine the technological advancements in hydrometallurgy, allowing for a more sustainable and economically efficient way to extract and recover valuable metals, especially in mining in the nickel market and the copper market.


  • Decarbonising the base metals industry
  • How CRU's data can benefit mining and industrial businesses, governments and financial institutions
  • Costs and value chain insights on the copper market, nickel market, lead market and zinc market
  • An overview of the latest annual base metals price trends

Industry leaders rely on our data and insight to:

  • Quickly and effectively assess how future price movements can affect margins and demand
  • Formulate strategic plans in response to market dynamics
  • Understand developments in important markets such as China to predict turning points and economic shocks
  • Access reliable and timely base metals analysis, such as copper market analysis, from our team of supply-side analysts
  • Plot a pathway to a sustainable long-term future

Access base metals expertise such as nickel commodity prices and copper prices from our global network of market analysts.

Producers, processors, consumers, governments, financial institutions and industry associations are all working with CRU and benefiting from our global reach and 50 years of experience in advising base metals industries.

About CRU

CRU offers unrivalled business intelligence on the global metals, mining and fertilizer industries through market analysis, price assessments, consultancy and events.

We are dedicated to supporting the mining, metal and fertilizer industries on our journey towards a sustainable future. Our research and product development, focused on quality industry and emissions data, ensures that our Emissions Analysis Tool allows for updates, expanded features and analyst support in multiple sectors and commodities, including the base metals industry.

Beyond the Emissions Analysis Tool, CRU offers sustainability intelligence via insight and analysis delivered through our Sustainability and Emissions Service. In addition, we support clients with strategic planning through access to analysts and the option of bespoke project support from our consulting and sustainability experts.