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CRU’s Power Transition Service

Global electricity demand remains on a rapid growth transition, production of which is traditionally reliant on natural gas and thermal coal, however, as global decarbonisation efforts intensify and evolve to facilitate a greener world, the power mix is changing. Importantly, thermal coal will continue to play a significant role in producing electricity. 

CRU’s Power Transition Service is drawn from our combined 50+ years of metals and energy expertise, illustrating a comprehensive view of the changing power mix and implications for metals and mining companies considering the green transition. 

Key Features of the Power Transition Service

  • Understand which technologies will transform the power sector with detailed forecasts and regional analysis of the electricity generation and capacity mix. 
  • Mitigate risk by understanding how electricity costs for generation technologies, hydrogen costs and industrial power prices will evolve 
  • Identify strategic opportunities in metals markets from our forecasts and analyses of how the power transition will change metals demand  
  • Monthly price data on thermal coal markets with a weekly dashboard by capacity, country, and region; how coal demand, prices, trade change in the short-/medium- and long-term; and how these will be affected by natural gas 
  • Increase your competitiveness with frequently updated price, market and capacity data and forecasts of thermal coal over the medium and long terms
Our Power Transition Service drills into each step of the global supply of electricity.

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Discover how CRU’s Power Transition Service can enable strategic decision making through our comprehensive data and analysis for these emerging markets.

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CRU understand that there are demands on businesses and organisations to decarbonize their supply chains though electrification, to meet climate change targets. Trust our data driven, independent perspective to validate and test your internal assumptions.

Why choose the Power Transition Service?


Empowering mining companies with insight into future metal substitutions, demands and energy transition dynamics.  

Our detailed analysis of electricity markets, encompassing prices and metals requirements for expansions into wind and solar project development, aids in informed decision-making. We also provide clarity on how technological changes will shape the energy transition. With our expertise, mining companies gain access to quality analysis of electricity markets and end sector raw materials requirements, empowering strategic planning for future growth and development. 

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Metal Producers and Refiners

Data to empower proactive procurement planning and informed strategic resource decision making.

CRU’s integrated service streamlines decision making by providing insights from diverse global sources, saving valuable time and resources. Our metal demand for solar and wind indicates where, which and how much will be required for solar and wind in different geographies and how this will change in the future. We analyse the implications of green electricity prices and emerging technologies like wind and hydrogen for operational costs, enabling strategic planning. Also, we delve into future coal policies and strategies, particularly for coal-producing countries, to inform strategic procurement decisions. Furthermore, we assess the implications of scrap recycling on electricity demand, enabling stakeholders to adapt effectively to evolving market dynamics. 

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Equipping manufacturing stakeholders with insights on clean electricity sourcing and energy transition demand dynamics

We offer detailed regional demand breakdowns by source and forecasts for the next five to ten years and out to 2050, empowering informed and strategic planning. Additionally, we provide a comprehensive understanding of the full value chain to optimise procurement decisions and manage raw material risks effectively. Moreover, our analysis includes the impact of clean electricity prices on costs and identifies sources of clean electricity by region and country. 

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Energy and Utility Companies

Navigate changes to the energy transition’s electricity consumption and cost with scenario planning and comprehensive forecasting insight 

CRU enables stakeholders to navigate the uncertainties of the energy transition with ease. Where scenario planning is crucial, we understand that changes to assumptions can dramatically alter outcomes. We provide underlying oil and gas electricity costs with short- and long-term forecasts of the cost implications of technology switches to 2050. Additionally, we understand electricity demand growth and grid requirements across different geographies and industries to help inform your strategic decision making. 

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Policymakers and Influencers

Empowering stakeholders with comprehensive intelligence into energy market dynamics, trends, and policy

CRU provides comprehensive support for the evolving global energy landscape, offering detailed electricity forecasts out to 2050, facilitating an international perspective from insight on energy markets, trends and policies. Additionally, we simplify the implications, aiding strategic planning efforts and enabling informed decision making on potential economic impacts of key technologies. Moreover, our analysis extends to energy requirements for metal recycling and the integration of green electricity to mitigate carbon emissions. 

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Financials and Investors

Empowering financial stakeholders with insight into power mix cost evolution and market dynamics

Our comprehensive service addresses diverse stakeholder needs, bridging knowledge gaps and providing critical insight. We offer updates on electricity input costs, future expectations, and global regular updates on electricity mix, cost, and price forecasts. Additionally, our exclusive content on metal demand and the power transition can transform your investment strategies. Our insights guide the transition away from thermal coal, focusing on greener portfolio development and energy mix evolution by region and key players, empowering stakeholders to make informed decisions in the evolving energy landscape.

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Power Transition Team

  • Glen Kurokawa

    Power Sector Lead London
  • Chao Yang

    Coal Analyst Beijing
  • Lalit Ladkat | Analyst, steelmaking raw materials and thermal coal

    Lalit Ladkat

    Analyst, Steelmaking Raw Materials and Thermal Coal Mumbai
  • Paul Butterworth

    Research Manager London
  • Ilona Khachirova

    Analyst London