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At CRU, we are deeply concerned for the safety of everyone in Ukraine and the surrounding areas.  We have employees, clients, contacts, friends and families who are deeply affected by this war.  We call for a quick, peaceful, and lasting end to this conflict.

Sharing our insights on commodity market disruption

Geopolitical upheaval and the consequent impact on commodity markets is once again placing global supply chains and their stakeholders under intense pressure to make the right decisions quickly. Reach out to your CRU local experts to discuss what these events mean for your business.

The market impact of the conflict depends on three crucial things:

  • The severity of sanctions and the multi-lateral response of non-aligned countries (most of all China, India and Brazil) will disrupt flows of commodities and energy that are crucial for the world economy

  • Markets will be disrupted as important supply of commodities are disabled or cut off
  • Financial uncertainty may slow decision making on investments needed for the energy transition

CRU is currently working with our clients to establish the implications of the war in Ukraine for economies and markets, industries, businesses, and the people that work in them. Our international team of economists, analysts, and consultants use our proprietary methodologies, data, and market intelligence network to help you answer your most pressing questions.

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