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CRU, a global leader in commodity research and business intelligence, has reached its 50th anniversary. 

Having started out in 1969 as a copper research specialist, CRU branched out in the mid-1980s and is now a global leader in mining, metal and fertilizer commodity research and analysis. The growth of the business has happened not only in commodity specialisms, but also in geographic locations. CRU was initially based solely in London, but quickly opened offices in Australia, then China, America, South America, India, and Asia in very recent years, acquiring depth of expertise in local market knowledge with every new hub. CRU now employs over 280 people worldwide.

Today CRU is recognised for its integrity, reliability, independence and authority across a broad range of commodities, from steel to aluminium, base metals, ferroalloys to fertilizers. The business has always been built on strict methodologies using first-hand data and information to deliver reliable analysis and forecasts, market-leading price assessments, costs services, global industry events. Our analysts are at the heart of the knowledge we acquire and of the service we deliver.

The commodity industry is constantly shifting and I’m confident the reason CRU has successfully navigated 50 years of change is due to the quality of its work, the professionalism of its teams and loyalty of its customers.

David Trafford Chief Executive Officer

To celebrate CRU’s golden milestone, we will be holding networking and anniversary drinks at selected CRU events, with more information being released later in 2019. If you would like to receive updates on our events, or receive a selection of the latest market insights from CRU's global team of experts, then please sign-up to our monthly newsletter.