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CRU is pleased to announce the appointment of Rebecca Gordon as Chief Executive Officer, CRU Consulting. Rebecca now leads the global consulting business and becomes a member of the Executive Committee for CRU Group.

Rebecca is a natural successor to the position of CEO because of her deep understanding of the markets CRU Consulting serves, especially in the technology metals space. Joining in 1995, Rebecca has held a variety of senior roles within the business, all of which have been instrumental in developing CRU Consulting’s approach to supporting its customers; with informed and practical advice. Rebecca has also been a key stakeholder in developing CRU Consulting’s international reach by supporting office openings in New York, Australia, Singapore, Chile, Pittsburgh and Beijing.

Rebecca has a deep knowledge and understanding of CRU and its customers, so I'm delighted that she will now be leading our Consulting business. I am also pleased that she has joined the CRU Group Executive Leadership team where her history of the business provides continuity and insights.

David Trafford Chief Executive Officer, CRU Group

CRU Consulting provides informed and practical advice to meet the needs of its customers and their stakeholders. Their extensive network, deep understanding of commodity market issues and analytical discipline mean they can assist customers in their decision-making process.

CRU Consulting is committed to high levels of individual service and to developing long-term partnerships with its customers. Their solutions offer original insight, accurate data, intelligent analysis and timely delivery.

I am excited to be appointed Chief Executive Officer for CRU Consulting. The team is now geographically closer to our clients and I look forward to working with our talented experts across the globe. I am committed to continue evolving the support we provide our customers, especially as our markets continue to develop rapidly.

Rebecca Gordon Chief Executive Officer, CRU Consulting

Strategically located offices guarantee local relationships with trusted experts who provide access to CRU Consulting’s global team.