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COP26 and commodities: Announcing CRU's coverage of the major climate action conference

CRU is pleased to announce its coverage plans for the UN Climate Change Conference – COP26.

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The conference will take place in Glasgow this year between 31 October and 12 November. Our coverage will include live webinars and the launch of a new CRU Sustainability Podcast series.

Based on CRU Sustainability’s Knowledge and Insight series, our podcasts will feature our expert team alongside prominent external speakers.

We will air concise, impactful episodes throughout the conference and align closely to the COP26 conference presidency programme. Our podcasts will cover energy, finance, technology and transport. As a leading independent source of mining, metals and fertilizers market intelligence, our discussions will focus on sustainability demands and impacts across the commodities value chain.

Attending the major climate event, CRU’s Head of Sustainability, Jumana Saleheen says:

CRU is pleased to announce that we will be at Glasgow this year. CRU’s proprietary data will feature in high level international meetings. We will partner with respected institutions to bring our expertise and data to inform the sustainability conversation. Our coverage will address issues such as the strength of global collaboration, barriers and enablers to reaching net zero including government policy, markets and technology.

Jumana Saleheen Chief Economist and Head of Sustainability

Further coverage will include live webinars, updates on our social channels, and further insights and analysis from our sustainability experts.

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