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CRU supports ING in transitioning its commodity portfolio to net zero

Lavan Mahadeva

Research Director View profile

CRU welcomes ING as a new user of its emissions data and analysis business intelligence with regard to the global metals, mining and fertilizer industries.

By using CRU’s independent, high-quality analysis of carbon emissions, ING wants to accelerate its climate commitment and to steer its loan portfolio towards net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

CRU and ING share a commitment to help bring awareness to the critical role of emissions data and transparency in responsible investing – specifically across the metals, mining and fertilizer commodity markets.

Use of independent, high-quality analysis of carbon emissions allows ING to further progress their critical and proactive role in the net-zero transition. As part of an integrated climate action strategy, assessment of value chain emissions allows for better risk identification and mitigation to help clients make informed decisions.

...Without good data we can’t have good conversations. As the Dutch say, “Meten is Weten” which means measurement brings knowledge. We are keen to work with ING on our shared commitment to knowledge.

Lavan Mahadeva Research Director

Finance is critical to accelerating the energy transition. CRU is pleased to support ING in their sustainability commitments through use of their high-quality data.

If you are ready to speak to our team about a demo of the emissions tool, please get in touch.

Lavan Mahadeva

Research Director View profile