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Access to CRU research, data and prices is managed via limited-term licences.

Our licensing model has been configured to provide customers with a simple range of options to meet the most common usage requirements. As different licences offer different levels of access, find the one that is right for your business in the list below. 

CRU licensing model


Standard or Multi-user licence: Access to and use of CRU research is restricted to a specific number of authorised users within an organisation.

Enterprise licence: There is no restriction on number of authorised users within an organisation and the licence will typically include automated price data feeds. Furthermore, users have permission to store, share and republish CRU research internally.


CRU's licensing model

Republishing licence: This gives permission to republish limited extracts from our designated research in an external presentation or report.

If you are interested in republishing CRU content in a report or presentation, please complete this enquiry form.

Commercial licence: This enables customers to use specified CRU prices or indices for settlement or adjustment of physical or financial contracts with counterparties.

If you are referencing a CRU price or index in a contractual arrangement and would like more information on a CRU Commercial licence, please complete this enquiry form.

Access to CRU products is restricted by copyright and other law to named authorised users of companies with valid licences to do so. Any other use is prohibited. To find out more about which licence you need, email