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From forecasting prices, to predicting tomorrow’s demand, and evaluating future mine supply and costs - when it comes to navigating the intricacies of the base metals industry, it helps to have a trusted guide with a deep understanding of metals and mining.

Our global team operates in all the key base metals markets, meaning we have unparalleled networks and insight. With over 350 years of combined experience within our team, you can be certain of our in-depth knowledge and analysis, and confident that we are in tune with the needs of your business.

Robust data, transparent methodology, credible analysis and timely insights – all the tools you need from an authoritative voice acknowledged as a sector leader.

Who we help

Metals and mining companies, semi-fabricators, end-users, traders, financial institutions, and governmental agencies look to us to give them a clear view across base metal value chains. We deliver insights and data in a style that is focused, accessible, relevant, and timely for businesses involved in the copper, lead, nickel, tin and zinc markets, worldwide.

How we help

In an increasingly volatile world, the ability to plan ahead with credible price forecasts has never been more essential. With our tried, tested and transparent methodologies we can help you assess how future price movements could affect your business, both quickly and effectively.

Gauging future global demand is key to setting robust sales targets, producing accurate production plans and for making effective investment decisions. But it takes real insight and experience to understand developments in important markets such as China; to predict turning points and economic shocks; assess substitution threats; and judge the potential of new end-use markets. Through our recent integration with Exawatt, we've bolstered our capability to offer enriched insights into various base metals industries, enabling us to provide comprehensive analyses and strategic reports that illuminate key trends and advancements in decarbonization technologies, thereby empowering more informed decisions within the realm of sustainable resource management.

From scarce resources to technical and operational hurdles, there are many challenges facing base metal producers today. To ensure you keep on top of the latest trends, our large team of supply-side analysts provides the highest-quality asset-by-asset data and analysis for operating mines and projects. Our team are also at the forefront of developments in smelting and refining, bringing you full supply-chain coverage.

To remain competitive, it is essential to benchmark your costs. Accessing reliable cost data can be challenging, especially for opaque markets such as China. Our exclusive Base Metals Cost Analysis Tool (CAT) delivers the cost metrics you need to rank miners from lowest to highest cost; evaluate greenfield and brownfield projects; understand cost drivers; calculate cash flows and margins; and provide an indication of price support levels.

Mining companies are under increasing pressure to reduce their emissions. The ability to measure existing emissions and set realistic targets that meet and exceed future legislation is a business imperative that future investment will be dependent on. Our pioneering team will make sure you have the knowledge and skills to rise to this growing challenge. Watch our recent webinar “Understanding ESG Trends in Base Metals”.

Building long-term plans has never felt more important. You can rely on our broad experience of the base metals industry and specialist expertise to help you plot a pathway to a sustainable long-term future.

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From economists to mining engineers – we are an eclectic team united in our focus on and commitment to the base metals industry.

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