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The Copper Smelting and Refining industry faces cost management challenges amidst volatile prices, inflationary pressures, stringent environmental regulations, and the pursuit of greater energy efficiency.

At CRU, we bring visibility to these industry dynamics. Using a mass balance approach, we calculate costs for every process stage – from preparation to refinery. Plus, we tailor our modelling to a smelter unit’s operations, whether drying, smelting, slag treatment, or something else.

Our data-driven insights empower clients to build, test and benchmark strategies to enhance efficiency, maximise profitability, and optimise stakeholder returns.


Enhanced accessibility and seamless integration
with CRU DataLab and API delivery

CRU’s Copper Smelting and Refining asset data is available via API delivery and DataLab - CRU’s interactive online platform, which offers seamless integration, data visualisation tools and even greater efficiency

Datalab and API imagery or a data stream

Unmatched data coverage that gives a comprehensive
view of the global copper landscape.






CRU Asset Service

The Copper Smelting and Refining Asset Service forms part of our Asset-level coverage for Base Metals, offering Costs and Emissions data for copper mining, smelting and refining.

CRU’s costs and emissions data are standardised to give a consistent, readily comparable view of base metals value chains. Market participants across the entire value chain, from mining, smelting and refining companies and producers to traders, financial institutions and end-users, rely on CRU’s data to understand and compare the costs and emissions profile of assets, producers, regions and the wider sector.

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Discover how CRU’s Copper Smelting and Refining Asset Service can enable strategic decisions through our granular analysis of each step of the smelting and refining industry, connecting the upstream with the downstream.

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Make better-informed decisions based on reliable and standardised data with CRU's Copper Smelting and Refining Asset Service.

Why Choose Us

The Copper Smelting and Refining Asset Service is a comprehensive data solution that empowers stakeholders across the copper industry and beyond to make informed decisions, optimise costs, and enhance operational efficiency.

Asset Managers

Asset Managers

Streamline decision-making with granular asset performance analysis. Understand the factors driving costs, revenues, and profitability, to maximise an asset portfolio's value.

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Investors, Bankers, and Creditors

Investors, Bankers, and Creditors

Make informed financing decisions by assessing the economic viability of potential investments. Clarify cost structures and revenue potential, allowing for confident investment strategies.

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Concentrate Buyers for Smelters

Optimise procurement decisions by understanding the cost dynamics of smelting operations. Negotiate competitive terms and navigate market volatility effectively.

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Producers of Copper Concentrates

Enhance strategic planning by benchmarking operations against industry peers. Identify areas for cost optimisation and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

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Traders of Copper Concentrates

Traders of Copper Concentrates

Access to detailed asset performance data that provides a unique perspective from the purchasing side. Elevate trading strategy, reduce risks, spot profitable trading opportunities and gain a comprehensive view of the entire copper supply chain.

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Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs)

Gain transparency into the environmental impact of copper production. Leverage data on emissions and operational efficiency to advocate for sustainable practices.

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Access data, industry and market analysis to turn challenges into opportunities for growth and sustainable operations.

Asset Information: Comprehensive data to give insight into the intricacies of each asset, including location, technology, operating status, integration, operator, ownership, production, and detailed process costs and consumables rates.

Process Data: Detailed process data for smelters and refineries that visually represents each asset's processes, operating costs, and profitability. Understand the sequence of operations and critical decision points.

Modelling Excellence: A holistic view of each asset's financial performance supported with cost and revenue curves.

Scenario Modelling (Coming soon): Scenario modelling capabilities to enable you to explore different trajectories and plan for outcomes.

Data Richness: Detailed feed and production quantity data, to assess operational efficiency.

Cost and Process Data per Unit Operations: Drill into cost and process data details which
break down each asset's performance into granular components.

Breakeven TC/RC: Gain a deeper understanding of the factors that impact profitability, to
optimise operations and create commercial positions.

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CRU Copper Smelting and Refining Team

  • Leonardo Meza

    Smelting & Refining Lead London
  • James Birch

    Analyst - Smelting & Refining Assets London
  • Frida Shi

    Research Analyst London
  • Thomas Bower

    Head of Costs & Emissions, Base Metals London
  • Joan Arratia

    Base Metals Emissions Lead London

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