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Speaker Rebecca Gordon

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will reflow batteries push vanadium prices higher

CRU hosted a webinar on vanadium and niobium on Thursday 22 February 2018.

The recent construction of the 100MW battery in South Australia has shown that the era of mass energy storage has arrived. Whilst the Tesla battery in Australia has been built using lithium-ion technology, a different type of battery – the Vanadium Redox Flow battery – potentially offers superior performance at scale.

The emergence of vanadium batteries could drive an increase in vanadium prices, pushing up costs for consumers such as the specialty steel sector.

This webinar discussed the possible implications of movements in the vanadium price and how this might impact demand for vanadium and substitutes such as niobium in the manufacture of specialty steel products.


  • Developing demand dynamics leading to increased requirements
  • Supply constraints from both policy controls and limited investment
  • CRU’s current view on stocks and prices
  • Looking forward, substitution potential creating opportunities and risks for both vanadium and niobium 
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Speaker Rebecca Gordon

Chief Executive Officer, CRU Consulting View profile

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