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SMU Steel Summit 2022 - Widely regarded as the premier steel conference in North America, this is the key networking opportunity for companies in, and associated with, the steel market.

The summit is the key networking event for the industry, with more than 1,000 individuals from 400+ companies expected - don’t miss your opportunity to join the debate and network with key industry leaders.

As always, there is a lot to discuss at this year’s event; between the pandemic, trade barriers, new mills being built or expanded in the United States and Mexico, and the war in Ukraine, the result has been a shift in the global steel industry. We will be addressing global issues affecting trade and the overall industry.

This is your chance to meet decision-makers, new prospects, and to catch-up with friends and learn more about the challenges and opportunities facing the industry.

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CRU provides a complete view of the steel industry across the value chain through market analysis and forecasts, market-leading price assessments and comprehensive cost services, all driven by a global team of analysts using CRU’s robust and transparent methodologies.

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CRU Team

  • Panos Kotseras

    Panos Kotseras

    Head of Stainless Steel Raw Materials London
  • Matthew Poole | CRU Associate Managing Consultant

    Matthew Poole

    Associate Managing Consultant London
  • Josh Spoores

    Head of Steel Americas Analysis Pittsburgh
  • Steve Williamson

    Research Manager, Aluminum Pittsburgh

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