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Because so many of our team come from inside the steel value chain, you can be sure that our data and analysis is collected, generated and delivered by people who understand your sector, recognise the challenges you face, and have walked in your shoes.

We take the pressure out of stress testing with benchmarked data that delivers pan-industry comparisons, and the capabilities and experience of having already helped other clients pass this important test of their resilience.

Our deep knowledge and knowhow of emissions in the steel industry means we’re the perfect guide to ESG investors. From long-term investment potential to understanding the impact of future legislation and border tariffs – we help investors prepare for a successful future in the steel sector.

Founded in 1969 and investing in primary research and deep expertise for over fifty years, our global team includes regional and product specialists across the steel supply chain. We know first-hand the difference that timely, robust intelligence can make to investment strategy. We’ve seen for ourselves the advantage of being able to make quick, informed decisions in fast-moving markets. And we know what it takes to nurture winning long-term investments.

How we help

Steel and
steelmaking raw material prices



Costs and



Who we help

  • Global banks
  • Private Equity Firms
  • Asset Managers
  • Hedge Funds
  • Governments and Central Banks

How we help

  • Reliable data and insight to inform investment decisions
  • An experience guide through the stress testing process
  • A consistent, coherent view across the full length of the supply chain
  • Clarity in opaque markets and on important bellwether commoditites like gold
  • An experience ESG guide to navigating emissions legislation

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