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Ionut Lazar

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Technical Carbon – Universal Challenge.

The race towards net-zero carbon emissions is impacting businesses across the globe. Many of the changes this brings are welcome and positive. But there are other, unexpected challenges that will take experience and expertise to overcome.

From the lithium-ion batteries powering our sustainable future, to printing inks, insulation materials, and the rubber for safe and reliable vehicle tyres – technical carbon is a vital component for many of life’s essentials. But as regulators push for further reductions in the use of fossil fuels and industries embrace new ways of working, the supply of raw materials for many of these important products is under threat.

As the pace of change accelerates, understanding the shifting regulatory and commercial environment and developing the strategies required to adapt and thrive has never been more pressing. Your trusted guide – we are fluent in the carbon value chain, from raw materials to waste products, and have a unique insight into technical carbon materials, products, and their applications.

Choosing CRU as your technical carbon consultant gives you all the data, insight and overview you need to understand the big picture. And working with us allows you to plan and implement a strategy that strengthens your business and looks to the future.

Why CRU?
  • We have a long-standing expertise in the feed stock commodities that drive the technical carbon market
  • Active across the technical carbon value chain – our understanding is unique and gives you the big picture and deep understanding you need
  • Our detailed experience of technical carbon products and their applications is unrivalled
  • Our ability to combine complex technical data with robust, strategic insight gives you a clear advantage in the search for new raw materials
  • Our new acquisition of Exawatt gives us further insight and expertise into critical commodities and electrification technologies, resulting in a united force to reshape the future of sustainable energy solutions on a global scale
  • Our data and insights are published, tried and tested. This scrutiny means they are stronger, better and fitter for purpose
  • Because we are involved in markets at every step of the value chain we know about and understand market changes quickly and efficiently
How we help
  • Robust market data and strategic insights
  • Quantified risk analysis across the value chain
  • Early warning of market changes and corrections
  • Business consulting backed by tried and tested data products
  • The big picture from a credible, impartial source with a finger on the pulse of the technical carbon market
  • Illumination wherever you are in the technical carbon value chain from a consultant uniquely fluent in technical carbon

CRU Technical Carbon

  • Battery Anodes
  • Calcined Petroleum Coke
  • Carbon Black
  • Graphite Electrodes
  • Green Coke
  • Needle Coke
  • Pitch
  • Tar


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Ionut Lazar | Principal Consultant


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Technical Carbon Team

  • Ionut Lazar

    Principal Consultant London
  • Kelly Driscoll | CRU Research Manager

    Kelly Driscoll

    Research Manager London
  • Hui Li | CRU Senior Analyst

    Hui Li

    Senior Analyst London
  • Sam Adham

    Head of Battery Materials London
  • Jessica Alves

    Consultant Sydney

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