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Assist one of the largest Chinese SOE in developing its aluminium industry strategy plan

The client is a Fortune 500 company, one of the largest state-owned enterprise with business covering power generation, coal, aluminium smelting and railway lines.

CRU is entrusted to conduct a study on global aluminium industry across the whole value chain from upstream bauxite resources to high-end aluminium rolling products e.g. autobody sheet and aerosheet. The study outcome will assist the client in its mid-term and long-term strategy making.

Our recommendation
Given the extensive geological coverage and various products to be researched, CRU propose to conduct 3 independent studies to fulfil the assignment. Each study focuses on a different area and perspective, with the intention to provide multi-angled in-depth analysis and recommendations for client’s strategy plan.

Study 1 - Market outlook of Global Aluminium Processing Industries
In study 1, we provide a full picture of what the global aluminium processing industry look like and how will it evolve, by aggregating analysis on various casthouse shape products (including remelt ingot, extrusion bullet, rolling slab, foundry alloy and wire rod) and different aluminium rolling products (covering can stock, autobody sheet and aero aluminium products) in each major country and region.

Study 2 - Benchmark Leading Global Aluminium Industry Participants
Study 2 is aiming to benchmarking global leading participants in aluminium industry and through this research, find and summarize learnings that could take and apply to the client’s own business where applicable.

A filtering process is used to select 15 world-renowned leading companies from the universe of global aluminium companies (including resource-owned enterprises, aluminium processing enterprises, aluminium trading enterprises, and aluminium companies with assets along the value chain). The criteria of the filter are a function of business scope, cost competitiveness, market share and ownership.

For each selected company, we provide a profile highlighting information on Assets, Financial Resources, Operational Performance, Strategic Vision and Human Capital and Management, which forms the basis of SWOT analysis.

Research results of each benchmarked company is summarized in a scoreboard by rating from 1 to 5 to indicate its capability from poor to exceptional. Combining future trends and current status quo of those companies, we also classify its future cooperation relationship to the client into 3 groups: Competitor, Partner and Neutral.

Study 3 - Development and Opportunity of Aluminium Industry in Emerging Market
The main purpose of Study 3 is first to provide analysis on the status quo of the aluminium industry in emerging markets and then forecast the future development trend and opportunities.

For each emerging market, CRU outlines a mega trend of demand and supply on aluminium related products including bauxite, alumina, aluminium, aluminium cast-house shapes, aluminium can stock, and aluminium can. In addition, bauxite resources and reserves, smelter power analysis and logistic are also analysed as a supplementary to improve the comprehensiveness of the study. Based on the above study, we provide high level assessment on the attractiveness /potentials along aluminium industry value change for each analysed market.

CRU Consulting’s work enabled the client to rapidly gain a thorough understanding of global aluminium processing industry, leading global aluminium industry participants, as well as status quo and development opportunity along the aluminium value chain of emerging markets.

Our client was able to build up a clear picture of its own strategy development plan with CRU’s assistance.

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