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Speaker Harry Fisher

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We would be delighted if you could join us for our webinar, Graphite Electrode Market Outlook 2018, featuring insights from new primary research in China. 

   Thursday 27 September 2018
   Session I - 10.00 AEST (Canberra)
   Session II - 9.00 BST (London)
   Session III -10.00 EST (New York)


Market and price volatility in the past 12 months has transformed graphite electrodes into a topic of great interest for a variety of industries. With China accounting for approximately 33% of demand in 2018, and more than half of global capacity, this market is key for CRU’s understanding of this rapidly changing sector. This webinar will address related topics and insights from new primary research in China.

On the agenda

  • What are the key market developments in the past 12 months since CRU’s 2017 Market Outlook?
  • Why do we think that China will become increasingly important for both supply and demand dynamics in the future?
  • How has our new primary research in China developed our view of the graphite electrode and needle coke markets?
  • What is the importance of restructuring in the Chinese steel industry and the booming electric vehicle sector?

Following the presentation, we will address questions submitted by the audience. The webinar is free to attend and will be offered in three sessions. The webinar length is approximately 30 minutes.  

Please register below. You will be prompted to select the session you would like to attend.







Speaker Harry Fisher

Consultant View profile

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