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CRU’s coverage of lithium and other battery materials spans the full supply chain. We provide a comprehensive view of raw materials production, refining to battery chemicals and further downstream to precursor, cathode and battery producers as well as the key sectors involved in the broader energy transition.

Our deep understanding of supply, demand, price and cost dynamics will provide you with unique insights into how the lithium industry and battery supply chains are rapidly evolving. We provide in-house price assessments and 5-year forecasts of market fundamentals alongside detailed analysis of the critical trends and risks that all stakeholders should consider.

Long a staple of laptop computer and mobile phone technology, the rise of electric vehicles is creating accelerating demand for Li-ion batteries. With electric vehicle sales gathering pace, the pressure is on for businesses across the value chain to meet demand efficiently, reliably, and profitably. Here at CRU, we have more than 40 years of experience in these markets – including detailed coverage of lithium, cobalt, nickel and manganese and a growing expertise in high purity alumina (HPA) and graphite. We deliver the valuable data and analysis that businesses need to understand pricing, predict shifts in supply and demand and develop robust strategies to deliver growth in this exciting sector. The breadth of our work across multiple commodities brings essential context to specific battery materials markets and a pin-sharp perspective of how markets interact and fit together.

We’re fluent in the issues and initiatives that are driving the energy transition and journey to net zero. Our work is backed by robust methodologies, and our long-standing expertise across the mining, metals and fertilizer commodities markets brings valuable context and clarity. Our unrivalled hands-on experience of China puts inside knowledge and understanding at our clients’ fingertips. Our new acquisition of Exawatt gives us further insight and expertise into critical commodities and electrification technologies, resulting in a united force to reshape the future of sustainable energy solutions on a global scale.

CRU’s analysts are at the heart of the service we provide. For unique market intelligence, engage directly with us to discuss industry developments in more depth.


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