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Realise efficiency, maximise profitability, minimise disruption – optimise your supply chain with our team of dedicated experts.

Rapidly evolving ESG agendas and regulations have had a major impact on commodity supply chains. Add to this the global uncertainty of the covid-19 pandemic, and businesses across the commodities value chain have found profits and continuity under threat.

Optimising your supply chain is a powerful way to mitigate future disruptions to supply, secure the quantity and quality of raw materials you need and navigate new ESG demands.

With a background in the global commodity universe, our supply chain optimisation (SCO) consultants are helping businesses across the world to operate at peak efficiency, predict future challenges, and endure hidden bumps in the road ahead. From commodity producers to consumers, to service providers, to financial institutions, and governments – expert SCO can have a significant financial impact.

Willis Thomas on the impact of the global pandemic on supply chains

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How we help

Dealing with known risks.

Just because you know something is on the horizon doesn’t mean it’s always a welcome sight.

  • We advise how future changes in the supply and demand could affect your business and advise onthe decisions you need to consider to minimise their impact
  • We analyse and assess the competitive landscape and help plan your future strategy
  • We help you to understand evolving quality requirements and their effect on the commodities of relevance to your operations
  • We help you to analyse plans for expansion or location and predict their impact on your ability to procure materials or the markets current and appetite for your products
  • We look at how market requirements are changing and identify the policy decisions you need to take to meet them
  • We provide further answers to the energy transition quandary thanks to our recent acquisition of Exawatt

Preparing for big surprises

There’s no crystal ball, but insight, data and the big picture can help you to plan ahead.

  • We can work with you insulate your business against future economic changes and crises
  • We can model the impact of future breakdowns in the supply chain
  • We can help you to predict how future tariffs, trade sanctions, policies and new regulations will affect the purchase you need to make
  • We can develop a clear picture of how logistics regulations and restrictions will change your cost base

Sarah Macnaughton on the ESG developments most likely to impact your supply chain.


Who we help

Commodity producers

  • Our SCO expertise helps spot opportunities to grow market share in existing markets and identify which new markets to exploit.
  • We can help you to measure and understand evolving market demands, and identify the production changes you need to make.

Commodity consumers

  • Look to us to analyse and assess your existing supply chain, giving you a transparent picture of the risks you face.
  • Our team can help you to identify alternative, better supplies and prepare for future quality and quantity requirements with confidence.

Service providers

  • We are expert at identifying the future shifts that will impact businesses involved in processing, logistics, mill services and beyond.
  • Our SCO team can help you to look past your current market and identify opportunities for your services in supply chains in rapidly developing markets.

Financial institutions

  • With our help, gain a full understanding of the supply chain and model the financial implications of future disruption and change for your existing or future investments
  • We can help you spot growth areas and opportunities for investment in a wide range of metals and fertilizer commodity related markets


  • Understanding the potential economic impact of new regulations on domestic and internationalization/globalization is one of our core skills
  • Rely on our 360-degree picture of any commodity supply chain to shape future policy