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Clients across the mining, metals and fertilizer value chains look to us for the practical advice and deep insight they need to adapt to changing markets, overcome challenges and grow their businesses.

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Our clients come from the worlds of mining, metals and fertilizers, and from the industries and professions that support them or rely on them for their raw materials. Business leaders, strategists, analysts, marketeers, financiers, lawyers, sustainability experts and policy makers all look to us for informed and insightful intelligence and advice.

What to expect

Respected for our deep industry knowledge and perspective, many of us have experienced first-hand the challenges you face, and we all have the technical grounding to quickly understand your issues. We pride ourselves on the excellence, integrity of the advice we deliver. Client service is vitally important to us, and you can expect us to bravely champion the right answer and best solution for you.

Based across a network of international offices in Beijing, Hong Kong, London, Mumbai, New York, Pittsburgh, Santiago, Shanghai and Sydney, we bring both global and local perspectives on the key issues facing the mining, metals and fertilizer industries. To support this, Exawatt is now an integral part of CRU, fortifying our commitment to providing a holistic perspective on energy transition technologies, costs and infrastructure worldwide.

That’s why we’re trusted advisors to some of the mining, metals and fertiliser markets biggest names and most exciting new faces. Click here to meet the team.

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