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Mark has over 15 years’ experience in a variety of leadership roles spanning sustainability and investment. He is the Head of CRU’s Sustainability division, providing thought leadership and guidance on sustainability, climate change and their market implications, which helps clients to better understand, address and integrate sustainability themes into their decision-making.

Prior to joining CRU, Mark was Head of Climate Change Insights at Aon (a leading multinational financial services firm). He developed a market-leading climate change scenarios toolkit and led responsible investment research, driving advice on responsible investment.  Mark also played a key role in determining Aon’s economy, market and investment views.

Mark joined CRU in 2022 and is currently a member of the Management Executive team.

Mark holds a Master of Arts degree in Economics from the European University Institute and a Master of Science degree in Statistics from the University of Southampton.

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Competing with China in green tech will not be easy

The US, EU and Japan are following different paths to decarbonise. The mix of technologies being promoted is different, although solar PV will be important everywhere. The...

09 November 2023   
Topic: Economics